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Are you looking for alternative therapies and self healing techniques for a better health?

This is the place for alternative therapies and self healing techniques for a better health.  The Lightning Process is a powerful and efficient technique. Indeed, you can use the Lightning Process to get rid of debilitating or daunting chronic illnesses or emotions. I am committed and I will help you with care and integrity!

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is also a powerful tool that you can rely on if you need a short therapy to eliminate a phobia, a recurrent unwanted behavior or a bad habit.

If you are here, it might be because you are confronting a problem that prevents you from living the life you want: pain, fatigue (fibromyalgia), emotional problems, learning difficulties…

You might have tried so many different techniques. You started to feel better, you hoped, kept applying these techniques or methods or treatments and kept hoping. Unfortunately, like a curse it seems, one day you have to admit that this is not working at all, or well enough…

However, you don’t give up. You keep searching talking to people, on internet or to medical profession. And this lead you to find Michele Therapies!

You have come to the right place!

I have been where you are… as have lots of others! You do not have anymore alternative options. In a warm, safe and caring environment, the techniques I use will help you move on, resolve issues, improve your health, get the life you want and deserve… because it’s your birthright to be healthy, happy and emotionally balanced!

Have a look through the information on these pages. Think about it… or contact me right now for a free consultation (no obligation).

I genuinely hope to speak with you soon.

Michèle Chaudesaigues