Addictions (cigarettes – alcohol)

c27ee2a616db8410c9d4b7276b82d73fSome studies show that smoking can reduce life expectancy by 10 years. We believe it or not. What is true though, is that cigarettes and alcohol have serious negative and prolonged impacts on our lives. Besides, these addictions have a cost and are socially less and less tolerated.

If you want to reduce or eliminate these habits, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and if necessary the Lightning Process (LP) can help.

Indeed, we are not only going to eliminate these habits, we are also going to fill the void that they would create in leaving… because the danger is there! Many have succeeded in slowing down or cutting the addiction… but they couldn’t make it last. We are going to fill the void and structure it so the addiction won’t have anything to hold onto, there will be little or none secondary effects such as stress, aggressiveness or cravings. Yes, it is possible!

Be careful, even if our techniques are fantastic and powerful, a big part of the work will have to come from you. You need to want it if you want results!

If you are in this state of mind, then contact me, I’ll assist you all the way with persistence and integrity.