Am I ready for the Lightning Process?

Get ready…

Sometimes, people think they are ready. They have read the information and the testimonies. They researched me and have a good feeling about all this. They want so badly to get well and live the life they have always dreamed of. They think that nothing can prevent them from moving on the path of good health.

But sometimes, fortunately not often, people have emotional blocks. This part is there to show us, you and me, if and where are the emotional blocks. If this is the case, we will do a pre-coaching session to clear your path and you’ll be able to join our course.

In order to be well prepared for the Lightning Process seminar, here is a list of advice.
Read Phil Parker’s book “An introduction to the Lightning Process”
Read the information included for you in this website
Read and listen to the testimonies
Check out with some clients (who allowed me to give their number) what they thought of the seminar

Statements to score

After this, read the following statements. Answer honestly on a scale from 1 to 10 [1 being “No, I don’t believe this at all” and 10 being “Yes, I am convinced”] and ask yourself why you have chosen this number. Write your answers on a piece of paper so we can discuss it together.

1 to 10  Statement
 You can definitively influence your health.
 You really want to solve your problems.
 You deserve to be well.
 It is possible to be well.
 You are ready to actively participate to the LP in order to implement the positive changes necessary to your health and life.
 You are ready to change your negative lifestyle, your patterns, your beliefs and your limiting habits.
 Using the LP, you can learn to solve your problems or symptoms.
 You are full of hope about resolving your issues and having more opportunities in your life.
 You are ready to use the LP as often as it will be necessary.