Coaching Classes

What is coaching?

Coaching is a 2,500 year old practice which, when well executed, is a powerful tool that allows us to accompany a person or a group of people towards something better: well-being, success or fulfillment!

It is based on simple principles:
– the art of questioning
– actively listening and reformulating
– positive feedback
– realisation and awareness
– unconditional and positive consideration

What does a coach do?

A coach is a partner who facilitates your progress, your development and your learning by experience. A coach uses your skills, your know-how and your qualities to help you acquire renewed energy, meaning, and to make plans and achieve the desired results. In this function, I am trained and dedicated to guiding you towards increased fulfillment, skills, involvement and self-confidence.

What are the differences between a coach and a psychotherapist?

A coach concentrates on problems in the here and now with a projection into the future. We don’t work on the past, in the search of the profound causes of an action or behaviour like a psychotherapist would. Also, we use NLP to entrench the changes and prevent you reverting to old negative patterns.

How much time does coaching last?

Usually, coaching takes place over several sessions but it really comes down to the nature of the problem you want to solve. It can also happen quickly with NLP!

What happens in a coaching session?

The coach is not a consultant, even less an advisor. By the use of questions, we assist you to develop an awareness of the key aspects of your behaviour so that you can modify or change them. What is your present situation? What objective do you want to reach? What means and resources will you need to use to get there? What is your action plan? What commitments, obstacles and results does it include?

When appropriate, I may, with your agreement, use NLP techniques to unblock a situation or boost a breakthrough.

For more information on coaching, watch this video