Dates , fees and booking for the Lightning Process seminars in NZ

  • Hamilton, 2018 Jan 17-19 (full)
  • Auckland, 2018 Jan 24-26 (1 space left)
  • Auckland, 2018 Feb 5-7 (full)
  • Auckland – Point Chevalier, 2018 Feb 19-21 (full)
  • Auckland, 2018 March 5-7 (2 spaces left)
  • Auckland – Point Chevalier, 2018 March 19-21 (full)
  • Auckland, 2018 April 3-5 (full)
  • Auckland, 2018 April 16-18 (1 space left)
  • Auckland, 2018 April 23-25 (full)

In May and June, I will be running seminars in France and Europe. I will be back in July.

  • Hamilton, 2018 July 09-11 (full)
  • HamiltonLP Refresher, 2018 July 09 afternoon
  • Auckland, 2018 July 16-18 (2 spaces left)
  • Auckland, 2018 July 30-Aug 01 (1 place left)
  • Taupo, 2018 August 04-06 (2 spaces left)
  • Auckland, 2018 August 13-15 (2 places left)
  • Auckland, 2018 August 16-18 – Special FRENCH language
  • Auckland, 2018 August 27-29 (4 places left)
  • Auckland, 2018 September 10-12
  • Auckland, 2018 September 24-26
  • Auckland, 2018 October 08-10

Moreover, if you would like me to organise a seminar in your town, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Fees for the Lightning Process course: NZD 1,200

The Lightning Process® package costs NZD 1,200 (no extra cost for seminar organised out of Auckland).

This includes:

  1. Pre-course coaching and assessment call
  2. The Lightning Process® technique (three days -around 15 to 18 hours- in groups of 6 usually)
  3. The Lightning Process® training and course material
  4. The graduate audio support programme specially designed for graduates, which talks you through how to apply the Lightning Process® in the first weeks after the seminar and reminds you of what you have learnt.
  5. Free graduate support newsletter from Phil Parker, the creator of the Lightning Process®.
  6. Free individual follow-ups (the point is that you feel free to call me when you need it, without calculating if you can afford it). The free individual follow-ups can be face to face if you are in Auckland, through Skype or phone calls.

A deposit is required to secure your place at the seminar but is due only once I have accepted you for the training.

To allow access to the Lightning Process® to as wide a range of people as possible, it is possible to pay in multiple installments. Please contact me for arrangements.

Can I pay in multiple installments?

Yes. Because all I want for you is the chance to live the life you want. For this reason, I am keen for you to pay in installments. By all means don’t hesitate and get in touch with me to discuss payment options.

Why are you cheaper than the other practitioners?

Because I have been in a situation where I couldn’t pay for this amazing technique. Indeed, when I attended the Lightning Process, I had lost my job since few years. First I was coming from 10 years of fibromyalgia and I frequently couldn’t go to work. Then the three last years of this period, I have been totally unable to work. As a result, I was dependent on my husband, I couldn’t afford financially to pay that much. But I have been one of the lucky ones. Under those circumstances, we sold our motorbike to pay for it. However, I don’t regret one cent of this. But I do understand what it is to need this technique and not being able to pay for it.

So I am trying to make the Lightning Process as accessible as possible.

NLP and Hypnosis, Learning strategies and Coaching sessions

Fees NZD 100 per session (maximum 1,5 hours)

Contact me to book