FAQ – Lightning Process


Is the LP for everyone?

Absolutely and without hesitation!

It has been designed to be simple enough for anyone to use and we’ve trained a wide range of people aged between 7 and 87, with a variety of issues and abilities. Your practitioner will be happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Note: I am a Lightning Process and NLP practitioner, a Hypnotherapist, not a doctor. I can’t diagnose or give medical advice. Consult your GP if that is what you need.

Success rates of the LP

They are very high. Figures from our feedback survey show that approximately 77%* of people who did the Lightning Process reported positive changes and improved wellbeing after doing the LP course.

* feedback from 1,297 clients surveyed after day three of the training.

There are a number of factors that seem to influence a participant’s success:
a)    Finding a practitioner they feel comfortable working with
b)    Being well prepared (having read the book “An Introduction to the Lightning Process“, looked at the Lightning Process website in detail, spoken to others who have used the LP)

c)    Recognising that they have to use the LP techniques for some time after the seminar has finished
Have a look at our How it works page for more information

The Phil Parker Lightning Process survey found that, of the clients that said they had M.E. / C.F.S., 81.3% [2] reported that they no longer had the issues they came with by day 3 of the Lightning Process (read the survey report)

The recently published ‘Outcome Measures Study’ reported: “with the energy/fatigue dimension, participants showed consecutive increases in their energy levels, exhibited through a significant increase between pre-test and 6 weeks and again from 6 weeks to 3 months” (view the full report here).

Due to the nature of the training, the Lightning Process cannot guarantee results as everyone is different. However we have received a considerable amount of positive feedback from clients with the varied symptoms that many people with severe fatigue and tiredness experience.

[2] Feedback from 1,092 clients surveyed after day three of the Lightning Process training. The Snapshot Feedback Survey has been designed as a tool to collect data from clients as to whether they feel they have gained any benefit from attending the Lightning Process course. Although the data was collected from over 1,000 people, the results are naturally subjective. Lightning Process practitioners are not medically trained and are therefore relying on client information about their diagnoses, symptoms and issues that they bring to the course.

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Is it the same as other therapies?

No. The Lightning Process is a training programme and, although it is designed with an expert knowledge of osteopathy, NLP and life coaching, it’s not the same as these or any other approaches. The Lightning Process is completely unique.

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Is it just positive thinking?

No. A small element of the Lightning Process looks at the consequence of negative thinking, but it’s not just positive thinking. That kind of approach has only limited success.

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If I do the LP seminar, do I need to do further courses afterwards?

No. The Lightning Process training is a short programme, complete in itself. From time to time LP graduates contact their practitioner for refresher sessions, often these are included in the LP seminar package. For the vast majority of our clients the Lightning Process is the only course they ever take with us.

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Am I going to be hypnotised?

No. The Lightning Process does not involve you being hypnotised by a practitioner.

Will there be physical contact or manipulation during the seminar?

No. The osteopathic elements of the Lightning Process are referring to the principles that underpin osteopathy and in particular the link between the brain and the body and how posture can affect you.

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Have any studies of the LP been done?

A study is currently underway.

Are any techniques like brainwashing involved in the training?

No. The Lightning Process helps you become self empowered, regain choice in your life and make appropriate decisions based on what you want. If brainwashing is defined as someone programming you to respond in a way that they impose on you, removing your own control in your life, then the Lightning Process is quite the reverse.

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Am I to blame if it doesn’t work?

No. Blame is a concept that has no place within the Lightning Process. If a participant is not getting the results they want, their practitioner will work with them to help discover what is missing from their understanding of the training and then work with them to find ways to re-explain and practice the missing elements.

However, this is a training programme and the LP is a process. If you understand it and you know how to do it but you don’t actually practice it, then the process, like any other process that you use incorrectly… won’t work!

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‘It’s a form of Pyramid Selling’. Is this true?
Absolutely not. A tiny percentage of people (fewer than 1% in 2010) have taken the Lightning Process to make change and then have gone on to train as a Lightning Process Practitioner.

Lightning Process Practitioners have to be members of the LP Register which works much like other professional bodies.
Membership of the LP Register grants the Practitioner a licence to use Phil Parker’s copyrighted training materials of the Lightning Process. This ensures that all LP seminars are run to the same high standard throughout the world, independent of where you take your training.

Membership responsibilities are laid out in the code of conduct available from Head Office on request. Practitioners do not receive any financial gain from introducing clients to become LP practitioners.

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