Food intolerances

614ddae16388870af4bf04918aff458bFood intolerance is an hypersensitivity to some food or some ingredient usually well tolerated by most people. This intolerance manifests through various undesirable symptoms which start following the repeated ingestion of this food or ingredient whatever the quantity ingested.

There are many different medical opinions about what may cause food intolerance, including:
environmental, dietary or genetic factors
weak immune system
central nervous system dysfunction
emotional state

Science and experience tell us how much our digestion is affected by our level of stress or relaxation. “Stress can often affect the bowel, making them more sensitive and less tolerant of food” (the IBS Network, 2011). The activation of the Physical Emergency Response (PER) – in response to stress or some other trigger, can directly upset our digestive system – lead to problems with our immune system and muscular system and it can change the way our nervous system works.

The Lightning Process will teach you how to spot the PER occurring and how to calm the PER through specific steps using movement, posture, coaching that, when practiced, can result in an automatic change in your physiology which can promote health and well-being.