How does LP work and help?

I’ve had the opportunity to be interviewed on The Cafe on TV3 to present Michele Therapies and the Lightning Process

How does the Lightning Process work?

How does the Lightning Process work is both an easy and complicated question to answer. TheLightning Process work - Introduction to the Lightning Process. Lightning Process incorporates many principles and concepts coming from different techniques and theories. However, it would be too long to develop all of them here. Indeed, the Lightning Process technique taps into different disciplines such as osteopathy, CBT, NLP,etc. As a matter of fact, we strongly advise you to read Phil Parker’s book to understand more of what we rely on to help you make changes in your life and get a better health.

Here are three of the main components of the Lightning Process:


Neuroplasticity is both a skill of your mind and a physical ability of your brain. First, your mind is plastic because it can learn new skills or relearn ancient ones, a moment forgotten. Secondly, your brain is plastic. In order to adapt to its environment and its needs, it can grow stronger  in some areas. But equally important, it can loose neurological pathways when you are not using a competence for a while.

For us at the Lightning Process, good health is a neurological pathway. It is a skill that you need to reteach your mind. Hence, you are going to rewire it!

Neuroplasticity through LP exercises is gentle but also deep and efficient.

Physical Emergency Response

The physical Emergency Response (PER) is our own way to identify the Fight or Flight response.

The Lightning Process exercises look at the science behind the PER and how the physiology influences and messes up furthermore with your health. On the negative side, you could think that we can’t really do anything about this and that you are the victim of your physiology. But the Lightning Process has found a way of regaining control over this. It is important to realise that, to some extent, you can change this and have control, decide what to do with your physiology.

Mind Body Connection

The Lightning Process, through the mind body connection, has identified for you the tools that are needed to rewire your brain in the exact way that you wish to. Your mind is the big boss of you, not a negative or bad neurological pathway. You were in charge before. Your mind slipped or dived into using a wrong neurological pathway (or skill if we refer to the neuroplasticity paragraph above). Get back in charge right now!