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What are the basic steps to attend a Lightning Process seminar?

cd0a244bcf78a205bdeeb5770db05ec61/ The LP starts with reading the book “An introduction to the Lightning Process” by Phil Parker. You can order it by clicking HERE.

2/ This step is followed by a conversation between you and me in order to assess if you are ready to attend the seminar.

3/ Then you attend the seminar and from the first day, you’ll have tools that you can use immediately.

Groups are between 3 and 6 persons but it is also possible to have a one-on-one session. If you are more comfortable, you can bring a support person. Contact me

The seminar includes:

  • Pre-course coaching and assessment call
  • The Lightning Process® technique (three days -around 15 to 18 hours- in groups of 6 usually)
  • The Lightning Process® training and course material
  • The graduate audio support programme specially designed for graduates, which talks you through how to apply the Lightning Process® in the first weeks after the seminar and reminds you of what you have learnt.
  • Free graduate support newsletter from Phil Parker, the creator of the Lightning Process®.
  • Free individual follow-ups (the point is that you feel free to call me when you need it, without calculating if you can afford it). The free individual follow-ups can be face to face if you are in Auckland, through Skype or phone calls.

A prior assessment and if necessary a coaching session to ensure your readiness
Three half days of training (around 15 hours), course material, a reminder CD
Free follow up. This follow up is not compulsory and you’ll only be contacted if you express the desire.
After the seminar, additional structures exist, such as: Free podcasts and newsletter updates, graduates website.

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What is covered in the seminar?

The Lightning Process three half-day seminar is an interactive journey of discovery that takes approximately 15 hours to unfold and is designed to teach you:

  1. About Neuroplasticity and the PER and what happens if it is constantly switched on
  2. How to spot when the PER is occurring.
  3. How to calm the PER through specific steps using movement, posture and coaching. These steps are not vigorous or physically demanding and can be tailored to meet the capabilities of even the most debilitated clients.
  4. How to use Neuroplasticity to make this change to your physiology permanent by practicing the steps so that they become automatic, leading to health and well being.
  5. How to use this amazing connection between mind and body in order to regain control of what is happening inside you and in order to create and deepen new neurological pathways. This will lead you to better health, emotional balance and well being.

Am I ready?