Learning difficulties / School coaching

I have had the chance to learn with a true expert in learning strategies: Alain Thiry. He has developed a method so those kids said “in learning difficulties” or “intellectually limited” (which is wrong from a Neuro-Linguistic Programming point of view) have the same chances at school.

d6cca593e0ceb76d327b089a13f796faFor a pupil or a student, it is not enough that the teacher has a good methodology. In order for a pupil or student to be successful, they must have the intellectual tools which are necessary to manage the information.
For a same academic task, whatever the area of study, these students systematically use the same 5 intellectual mechanisms:

strategy of memorisation
strategy of comprehension/understanding
strategy of reflective thinking
strategy of pronunciation
strategy of transfer (from the learning towards other contexts)

The goal is to propose those strategies to students having difficulties throughout models, exercises, which lead the students to integrate this way of managing information, concepts and new know-hows.
School coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a very efficient approach when working on school coaching. NLP offers two facets: the work on motivation and the work on the learning strategies. NLP is particularly useful for kids with learning difficulties.
When dealing with learning difficulties, I first find out the student’s motivational criteria. Then, we work together and we identify the internal motivation in order to give meaning to the action of studying. Several techniques can apply to this goal.
Often, when one stimulates student, it may happen that, soon after, the student loses heart because they don’t see any progress. It’s at this point that NLP strategies are going to give a major advantage. They are going to help the coach build on successful tasks that the student didn’t believe in. This surprising result shows the student how much is possible if they put effort in it.

The NLP learning strategies propose a precise methodology of interventions. They allow to work on the intellectual actions of comprehension, memorisation, reflection and speech in a very concrete and efficient way. The students with learning problems need clear and actionable advice.

For more information about Alain Thiry, his books and the techniques he developed, click HERE.