Discover the Lightning Process

The Lightning Process can help you to get so much better and change drastically your life for the better!

What is the Lightning Process ?

The Lightning Process (LP) is a fantastic self healing technique, powerful yet deceptively simple. The Lightning Process (LP) is a neuro-physiological training programme based on self-coaching, concepts from Positive Psychology, Osteopathy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It was created 18 years ago and has grown. Since, it has improved to become what it is today, an effective technique which can really change your life for the better.

Healing with the Lightning Process The Lightning Process is not a treatment or a therapy. It is a method, a self healing technique. The Lightning Process doesn’t cure illnesses or medical conditions, it teaches you how to influence your health.
Keep this simple fact in mind when you read this. The Lightning Process will show you how to heal yourself. Therefore it’s yourself who acts on the disease, the problem or the symptoms! And consequently, it doesn’t matter which physical or emotional symptoms, you correct what is not functioning properly or what you don’t like.

“Your mind body connection
is your most powerful ally…”

The Lightning Process and medical conditions

People who usually come to the Lighting Process suffer from very varied medical conditions: autoimmune, infections, viral or emotional problems. Here is a non exhaustive list below:

I trained myself with Phil Parker to the Lightning Process. I wanted to help people who, like me several years ago, are facing a complex medical condition. If you feel hopeless, like in front of a wall, and you don’t know what to do to live a better life, then contact me and let’s have a discussion about what I can do for to help you, because nobody deserves to be condemned to live half a life.

Watch here the testimony of four doctors about the Lightning Process

Lightning Process for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on TV!

How does the Lightning Process works ?

The Lightning Process is an empowering three phase training program. It teaches individuals how they can influence their health and life using techniques based on the way the brain and body interact. Participants explore the science behind how beliefs and behavioural patterns can affect their life and their health. As a result, they discover and learn how to turn these factors into a complete strategy for success. The process builds on the research and principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, physiology (endocrinian system and neurotransmettors), CBT, life coaching and osteopathy.

The tools involve gentle mental exercises. They are not physically demanding and can be tailored to meet the capabilities of each individual.

The training

The training is delivered over a three half day period, lasting 5 hours per day. Post-training, clients receive a free on-going support with follow up phone calls, Skype calls or appointment and engagement on my part to be there for them as long as they need me, for free.

During these 15 hours, you will learn:

  • The amazing capacities of your brain and how to use them
  • The power of your mind over your body: the mind-body connection
  • The factors and patterns that influence your health or why you stay stuck even though you want to get better
  • The negative effects of the Physical Emergency Response on your vital body systems and how to regain control and restart a healthy pattern
  • The two levels of the Lightning Process and you’ll get to practice them until you feel confident you can do it alone

The Lightning Process is by no mean a quick fix.

While a very high percentage of people who attend the Lightning Process training seminar transform their health and lives, like any training program, positive results are depending on the individual’s work and commitment.

I like to think (because it has been this way for me), of the three day Lightning Process seminar as the beginning of a new journey! In my experience, those who commit to using the Process when they need to, lead healthier and more fulfilled lives! They achieve things they never thought possible in health, personal development, career, relationships, life goals and ambitions!

Like a compass, the Lightning Process is a tool, use it properly and guide yourself towards the life you really want and deserve.

Some people would like to know precisely, in details what is the LP exercise that you have to repeat several times a day.

Although the exercise is simple and although every client shares the same the structure, it represents the conclusion of the comprehensive work done with each person during the three half days. The result of this exercise, through its implementation is consequently extremely personalized.

The work during those three half days aims at:

  1. identifying your mental blocks, beliefs and other factors worsening your problems
  2. destabilizing your mental “programs” (or neurological connections), even destroying them when possible
  3. and finally rebuilding neurological connections stimulating a better mental and physical health.

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