About Michèle Chaudesaigues

Michèle at Michele Therapies – Who am I?

Hi ! My name is Michèle. Michele Therapies is about Health and your birthright to have a healthy and amazing life!

As far as I can remember, I had always considered myself as a person with weak health. I had accepted as a fact to suffer from chronic bronchitis, gastroenteritis, chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, and then, one day, fibromyalgia.
After several years, Fibromyalgia really started to prevent me from living a decent personal and professional life. Nobody could tell what I had. I dragged myself from GP to specialists, going through alternative medicines, nothing seemed to work and I could see no end to this. One day, a doctor finally diagnosed … an illness I had never heard about before: Fibromyalgia. Joints pains, muscular pains and cognitive problems then increased and other symptoms added to the list: restless legs syndrome, IBS…
I was stuck at home, unable to use my body or my brain properly… I reached a point where the pain, the psychological and physical difficulties were so important that I couldn’t think about anything else than end my life to stop the suffering.

When hope is back in my life…

Then, I heard about the Lightning Process. It seemed too good to be true. To begin with, I was skeptical and took time to research it. But what I read and heard from people who had followed the process convinced me.

When life finally returns!

I took the Lightning Process seminar and it revolutionized my life, my future and me! It empowered me, it showed me how I could influence my health. My practitioner taught me the techniques. In 3 days, I was capable of making impressive changes! Very quickly, I got rid of the Fibromyalgia. I thought I had accomplished what I had come to accomplish but actually, I kept improving the whole of my life. Done with the bronchitis, the depression and also all the other problems I had! I was stronger and much more resistant. My family and my friends were so impressed… and I was so proud and I felt so strong, happy, grounded and balanced!

I still use the process from time to time when life throws challenges at me or when I am emotionally fragile. You know, life is not a peaceful path but now more than ever, I feel I have the best tools to help myself and others.

“So if I could do it, you can too”

Now, my vocation…

All my life I have helped people: immigrants, children with difficulties at school, youngsters in Argentina, I have volunteered for the elderly… Originally, I was in the Human Resources industry to help people too and I ended helping Corporate organisations mainly. It was a disappointing time.

I decided to create Michele Therapies. With the Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Lightning Process, I had an opportunity to r-e-a-l-l-y help other people. I decided then to go back to Europe to get trained by Phil Parker, the originator of the Lightning Process!

This path of illness was meant to lead me to my true purpose in life: helping people to get the life they deserve!

“It is our birthright to be healthy, happy and emotionally balanced”

I am a dedicated, skilled and caring practitioner. I could go on telling you what my qualities and strengths are but I prefer the people I helped to testify directly…


Michèle Chaudesaigues
PhD in Sociology and Human Resources Management
Advanced Practitioner of the Phil Parker Lightning Process ®
Advanced Certificate in NeuroLinguistic Programming, Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy