Parkinson’s disease


Parkinson_englishParkinson’s disease is a generative condition, rare before 45 years old, which affects 1.5 % of the population over 65, affecting men and women the same. The fundamental lesion is the degeneration of a certain type of neurons: the dopamine generative cells.

In a normal state, our movements are governed by the dopamine, a chemical which helps the nervous signals between the neurons in the brain. When the cells which produce the dopamine die, the Parkinson’s disease symptoms start to appear.
The most common symptoms are:

slowness (bradykinesia) and rigidity
postural instability
muscular rigidity
speech disturbances
difficulty to write

Thanks to the studies and discoveries in the discipline of brain plasticity (neuroplasticity), we know that we can, at any age, rebuild neurological pathways and re-train the brain to do what you thought it couldn’t do anymore.
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