Anxiety is a normal feeling. It is present in each human being. According to the circumstances, it can take different forms, from the simple feeling of worry to the deep anxiety and even terror. Sometimes, it manifests itself in an abnormal way and becomes a illness in its own rights.


Pathological anxiety
Post Traumatic Stress,
Panic attacks,
Biting nails,
Grinding teeth


Anxiety has a role in our life: it’s because we worry about our kids’ safety that we check on them carefully. It’s because we think about our own safety that we avoid taking inconsiderate risks. And it’s because we fear that we run away from dangers that we can’t avoid: a fire, an armed burglar for example. This anxiety happens generally following clearly identifiable events, help us to face them and disappear at the same time as its cause.Anxiety

However, with some people, anxiety manifests itself in an abnormal manner: either because it happens without cause, either because of its intensity and the answers it brings are disproportionate with the trigger. We then speak of pathological anxiety.

What does the Lightning Process say.

From a Lightning Process point of view, feelings of anxiety and stress, be they as a result of something going on in your life or something you keep thinking about, can cause the sympathetic nervous system to stimulate a Physical Emergency Response (PER). This can result in strong physiological changes in your body such as a fast heartbeat, a change in your blood pressure, increased breathing rate, sweating, a feeling of being light-headed or dizzy, etc.

The PER changes how the body’s systems work. Stimulations of the sympathetic nervous system on an ongoing basis can result in real physiological problems. And of course the physical symptoms of stress can cause you to feel even more stressed. As a result, this further stimulates the PER response. It then amplifies the physical symptoms even more! So, very quickly you start to maintain chronically high levels of stress that start to become ‘normal’!

Also, this is the way our neurology works: the brain changes and adapts its physical shape and how it works in response to how it’s used! If a certain nerve pathway is used a lot, then it starts to become even easier to use the next time! So ‘anxious’ ways of thinking and behaving can become ‘wired’ into your neurology. This means you soon can become a genius at stress and anxiety! Trying to resist the power of this new neurology can be very difficult unless you know how to make new more healthy pathways and associations.

How the Lightning Process can help you overcome your anxiety ?

The Lightning Process will teach you how to spot the PER occurring.   You will learn how to calm the PER through specific steps. You will be using movement, posture and coaching. When practiced consistently, it results in an automatic changes in your physiology and lead to improved health and wellbeing. The Lightning Process will also teach you exactly how to build new healthier neurological pathways and associations, whilst considering how the ‘anxious’ / ‘stress’ pathways got to be so strong in the first place.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process survey found that of the clients who said they had Anxiety, 67.2% [1] reported that they no longer had the issues they came with by day 3 of the Lightning Process (read the snapshot survey).

The Lightning Process Outcome Measures Study included participants who were self diagnosed as suffering from Anxiety or Stress. The results from the preliminary data indicates that the Lightning Process makes a considerable positive impact. Hence, resulting in increased health status at 6 weeks, persisting at 3 months. Furthermore, demonstrating improvements in all of the quality of life measures that were covered by the RAND SF-36 questionnaire (view the full report).


Due to the nature of the Lightning Process training we cannot guarantee results as everyone is different. However we have received a considerable amount of positive feedback from clients with varied symptoms.

[1] Feedback from 720 clients surveyed after day three of the Lightning Process training. 
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