Stop depression and teach happiness to your mind

Depression at some point is part of life. It is normal to feel sadness, disappointments or down after a serious event such as the loss of someone. However, sometimes, a real uneasiness settles down and we lose hope.

Depression Michele TherapiesDepression can prevent you from talking, laughing, eating, sleeping or getting up in the morning. It’s a disease which prevents you from living.

Symptoms are: infinite sadness, dark thoughts, slow motion life, memory troubles, poor self esteem, decrease of the desires, mood swings, fatigue, pain.

Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive and depression can have many faces…

Faced with depression, one usually looks for explanations. And the first questions asked are: “Why me? What happened? What did I do?”. Our need for understanding and finding a meaning to what is happening is a natural process. Most of all relevant during painful experiences.

Depression – Lightning Process and NLP

The answers we supply to ourselves are only interpretations, often quite remote from the “real origins” of the depression. But, true or not, they represent an obstacle to the healing process. Most of the time, depression doesn’t originate from a unique factor. From a Neuro Linguistic Programming point of view, they are made of a set of unconscious and involuntary mechanisms.

The work I’ll do with you will consist in identifying these mechanisms. So, in destroying them and in restructuring them, they act naturally in maintaining an emotional balance. As a matter of fact, you won’t need months or years of therapy! Consequently, it can happen fast and it has happened to several of my clients already. Furthermore, the Lightning Process will be used to deal with the most severe conditions.

In summary, the Lightning Process helps by teaching a set of tools which have enabled people to change their mood. Henceforth, they restore better hormonal and neurotransmitter function. And finally it helps them rediscover how to influence life-promoting behaviours.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process Survey found that of the clients who said they had Depression, 80% reported that they no longer had the issues they came with by day 3 of the Lightning Process [1] (read the snapshot survey).

The Lightning Process Outcome Measures Study included participants who were self diagnosed as suffering from anxiety or depression. The results from the preliminary data indicates that the Lightning Process makes a considerable positive impact. It resulted in increased health status at 6 weeks, persisting at 3 months.  In addition, it demonstrated improvements in all of the quality of life measures (view the full report).


Due to the nature of the Lightning Process training we cannot guarantee results as everyone is different however we have received a considerable amount of positive feedback from clients with the varied symptoms that many people with low mood experience.

[1] Feedback from 440 clients surveyed after day three of the Lightning Process training. 

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