Claudia Cassidy. On crutches for 17 weeks and here she is after Day 3!

CRPS almost gone one month after the Lightning Process

This 14 years old young man was suffering from CRPS. He was using crutches when we met. Here he is, one month later, after attending the Lightning Process.

My son free of CRPS!

(For privacy reason, we decided to record without showing the face of this young boy. This was recorded two days after the seminar)

Our son developed CRPS after an injury 8 months ago. 

As a result, he’s had a constant, high level of pain in his foot and has not been able to put any weight through his foot as a result – even wearing a sock and shoe was a challenge.

He’s taken part in a gruelling rehab programme of physio, hydrotherapy and gym work which has certainly helped but progress has been slow and everything he did required him use his foot and the pain would sky rocket.  At its worse he’d feel ill and need to sleep for hours after an intensive rehab session.  It’s hard to watch anyone go through significant pain and the knock-on effects of heavy duty medication.

Our son went from being a sporty very active kid to being completely inactive.  He had to withdraw from all sports and extracurricular activities and could only attend school part time.  It was difficult to keep up at school and with friends.

At the time of the Lightning Process he was able to walk a very short distance without crutches inside and was just beginning to use one crutch outside of the house.  This was after months of rehab and his walking was still very laboured and painful.

After Day 1 of the Lightning Process our son asked to stop on the way home to do some shopping – he left the crutch in the car!  It hasn’t been used since.

By Day 3 his walking was near normal.  He even jumped down the step at Michele’s.  It’s day 2 after the course now and he’s already walked long distances and done things he hasn’t been able to do for months and most importantly he had no or very little pain when walking.

He has a fantastic tool in the Lightning Process and we believe that it’s something he’ll be able to use when challenges come his way throughout his life.  The traditional rehab process for CRPS of pain specialist management and intensive physio was important but the Lightning Process is the missing piece of the puzzle.  Learning the mind/body connection and how to re-wire dysfunctional programming is essential in the recovery of CRPS and this is what the Lightning Process is all about.

We would recommend the Lightning Process to anyone with CRPS, it complements traditional techniques and for us, it has hugely sped up the recovery process.

A final recommendation is for Michelle, my son’s LP practitioner.  She is an incredibly warm, positive, and supportive person.  She teaches with humour and in a safe, inviting manner.  She goes out of her way to ensure you follow what she’s teaching and everyone on the course was able to make huge changes during the three days.  What makes Michele unique is that she offers as much on-going support and follow-up as you need and when making this investment that was very appealing to us-although it seems we won’t be needing it!

Thank you, Michele, for everything.  We are looking forward to a great summer and to seeing our boy out and about, without crutches!!