Fibromyalgia, Fatigue and Pain

Watch this video where Laurel explains how the Lightning Process literally changed her life.

Sharon Madsen. ” Having now completed the Lightning Process I can wholeheartedly say it is a legitimate and very safe way to take back control of your health”

“Hi Michele,

Sharon Madsen here, I attended your classes back in March of this year and I thought it was about time I wrote my testimonial for your website but was not sure how to do it, so I thought I would send it to you and you are welcome to upload it to your website or explain to me how to do it and I will endeavor to do so.

I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and told that I would have to learn to manage my pain and learn how to minimize flare ups. The Doctor informed me there was no cure, my only option was to manage it with medication and lifestyle changes. My pain levels had escalated to a level where my life had become completely focused on just getting through another day. I was feeling helpless and hopeless and afraid that at only 45 my life as an independant and capable woman was over.

I heard about the Lightning Process from a number of my friends and attended the seminars with Michele Chaudesaigues in Auckland. The first day I was duing significant pain and struggling to even sit in class. Michele looked me in the eye and told me, “I can help you, and I will help you!” and she has been true to her word.
The seminars were so informative and I felt comfortable in class to only share what I was happy to share about my chronic illness. Michele created an atmosphere of safety and positivity.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first, and as a Christian I was very wary about therapies I didn’t really understand. Having now completed the Lightning Process I can wholeheartedly say it is a legitimate and very safe way to take back control of your health. I learned to trust Michele and commit to the process. It does take work and commitment, but I am so happy to say that in under 3 months I am 98% pain free.

Thank you Michele, I am so very grateful for the skills you taught me and I would recommend the Lightning Process to anyone who felt a need to regain control over their health.

Thank you again Michele. I have my life back,

Kind Regards”

Meta Mair. ” My heart felt thanks to Michele for giving me this excellent gift.”

“After weeks of procrastination I have decided I will write you a reference as I’m finding it hard to get inspiration for a video, especially when I watch other videos of people who have overcome much larger hurdles.

I would like to highly recommend Michele as a fabulous coach for the Lightning Process. She has not only helped me overcome my Chronic lower pain but has given me the tools to resolve other issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Before my course with Michele, I had been suffering from Chronic back pain for over a year. Despite seeking help from Physios and specialist sports physios, the pain would subside and then come back again. The back pain seriously affected my sleep and my favourite activity, horse riding. The Lightning Process has given me the tools to stop duing pain. My heart felt thanks to Michele for giving me this excellent gift. I can highly recommend this tool for anyone suffering from Chronic pain.”

Isabella. ” I have started taking walks everyday and it’s the most freeing feeling I have ever had to be able to do that.”

“I live in Timaru and decided to take the three day lightening process in Auckland with Michele Chaudesaigues and I could easily recommend to many people to take this seminar.

I was very nervous going on the first day as I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I walked through the door I felt welcomed with open arms. I was with lovely and interesting people, just after the first day I was seeing changes in my body and personality. By the third day of the seminar was the first time in over two years that my personality felt so pure and the pain in my body was changing with it.

It has now been four days since the seminar ended and I use the tools I learnt every day and I am gaining control over a lot of the pain in my body and I can’t thank Michele enough! I have started taking walks everyday and it’s the most freeing feeling I have ever had to be able to do that.

I couldn’t have done this seminar if it wasn’t Michele, she made me feel so comfortable with everything we’ve done and made the whole process a lot of fun.”

Kristen Calder. “I now cook the dinner every night and clean the house and play with my son.”

“Before coming to the LP training my body and life were pretty dysfunctional. I barely slept as I was on heightened alert all the time since having my son who didn’t sleep well as a baby. When I did sleep I would wake most nights having a panic attack and would need both anti anxiety and anti nausea medication to help this.

I would spend days on end in bed and constantly had pain in my joints and muscles. I had been diagnosed years before with chronic fatigue but this period of time was by far the worst.

I couldn’t socialise with people anymore and my husband would have to cook most nights as well as putting our son to bed. On the weekends I would always need to have an afternoon rest. The tiniest things would make me anxious, I got frights easily and had loud ringing in my ears. I was unable to go to work or do any physical activity. I also learnt during the LP training that I had very low self esteem and was ashamed of myself.

The LP changed my life… I have not had to use lorazepam or anti nausea drugs since doing the LP… and I am now much calmer and generally peaceful which have led me deeper into a more mindful and meditative lifestyle. Things didn’t change overnight and there were many ups and downs along the way. It certainly wasn’t easy and sometimes it took hard work and great encouragement from my family and Michele to keep going when I felt like giving up. Life still brings challenges and stressors but I am now better equipped to move through them with grace and when I need it I can still use my LP.

I no longer use the LP for sleep as I can drift off peacefully and have restful sleeps. This was a gradual change that has been dramatically life changing over the past year for me as I used to lie awake for hours trying to get to sleep and would wake multiple times in the night.

I now cook the dinner every night and clean the house and play with my son (they may seem small but they were major things I wanted to be able to do). I have loads more energy during the days so I no longer need naps or have multiple days in bed. I am still a mum so I have days where I am tired from being busy with a toddler but it feels normal to yawn and go to bed a little earlier instead of spending a few days recovering.

I have been running a small retreat center (Peacemakers Retreat Center) this year and am currently setting up my own small business to sell ethically made ceramics and jewellery … this has been a life long dream that I feel is achievable only through feeling increased self esteem, loving myself and becoming more confident in myself thanks to the LP.

I have since used the LP for chronic pain in my tail bone as well as for my hormones and chronic constipation. I also believe that the process or the results of the LP allowed my body to shed the post birth weight I had been carrying for the past few years…it just dropped off without any effort. This was something I didn’t really notice until my husband mentioned that I had lost weight.

I am now doing yoga and the exercise I want as well as lots of socialising. In fact over the past year I have met some amazing new friends and even joined social media.

I am doing more creativity and less self doubt about my creative processes. I am more encouraging of others where I would have previously compared myself to others.  I am more open to taking risks and loving getting involved in our local community.”

Marie Frocrain. “I am rebuilding myself after fibromyalgia and RA.”

photo-marie-sur-sa-moto    Marie enjoying her new life with her new motorbike.

“I have suffered from fibromyalgia (FM) ever since a motorcycle accident in 2002.   First diagnosed with it 2 years later, I tried several medical treatments and found the “right one” in 2006.   Since then I’ve been taking Tramadol 200mg LP (Sustained Release) daily.  I refused to take anti-depressants to block serotonin (implicated in fibromyalgia) from fear of the side effects.  Apart from the fact that Tramadol wasn’t curing me (although I recognise that it preserved a semblance of normal life for me during the 4 years of pain without any effective treatment) nor stopping the attacks, I was also developing a harmful addiction and it was causing me to regularly fall asleep at the wheel (several times I’d just managed to avoid accidents and with my children in the car as well). Some years later, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, atypical rheumatoid arthritis. No less! More pain, more discomfort, more decline… and a weekly injection of a product used to treat certain cancers (with all the “pleasures” that that implies).

Not content with that suffering, my left kidney finally quit on me and the right one is also not in great shape.  Conclusion: the end of the anti-inflammatory (the only thing that alleviated my migraines L).

Of course, like everyone, observing that medication can help on the one hand but cause problems on the other, I wanted to explore other so-called alternative solutions… osteopathy for my back, magnetism for my “energies”, neuro-cutaneous techniques for the nerve endings, healing magnets for various minor things, drainage massage for eliminating toxins, foot reflexology and I don’t know what else… Ok, I don’t deny the temporary benefits that I received from any of these techniques… but over the long term, the underlying problem remained and continued to consume my energy.   I’ll spare you a description of the numerous symptoms of those two nasty pieces of work – fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis!

And then… Michèle!

Michèle contacted me via a blog on which I was describing the struggle to never give up and to keep living in spite of illness.

Michèle talked to me about what she was doing…  and it all seemed very obvious to me!  We only use 10% of our brains so why not mobilise a tiny bit extra?   The placebo effect of the subconscious is well proven!   So, why couldn’t you activate it CONSCIOUSLY?!

Despite my open-mindedness, I’ve always had a need for logic, for proof.  Once those elements had been communicated to me, the Lightning Process suited me perfectly.

So, I attended a seminar… and I have now taken back control of my body but also, more importantly, my life! From the very next day I was able to see tangible improvements!   And I’m not just talking about improvements to morale but actual physiological changes.

Today it’s been 4 weeks since I stopped taking Tramadol except occasionally and only a quarter of the previous dose.   I’m certain that in the next week or two I will have absolutely no further need to take it.   Never.

As for the treatment for rheumatoid arthritis: that’s finished.

As of now, I can walk for a whole hour without experiencing any more tiredness than is normal for any sportsperson J… as opposed to 15 minutes max a month ago.

I continue to treat any minor occasional symptoms but for the rest am completely cured.   I’ve got back my life and my children, my love, my friends, my family… everybody sees a real change.

Of course, it’s not always easy.  It would be a lie to say that everything has been resolved from one day to the next, but where there’s a will there’s a way!  Definitely!

One month… just one month of practice, of small daily efforts, versus 14 years of suffering without any relief except occasionally for several hours (at best several days but hardly any more).   Just one month and I haven’t yet explored all my abilities, those abilities that we all possess.

I’ve got just one wish left: to tell the whole world of what we are capable of doing ourselves with proper training and the will to climb out of the hole!  I want to tell everyone about the happiness that I’m creating for myself and how anyone can seize that wonderful opportunity.

Unfortunately, I can’t pay bear witness via video as I don’t have a webcam, but I’m more than happy to communicate with anyone who feels the need, via my Facebook page, via private message or even by meeting (if you are in the same region).

I am a fervent disciple but especially a disciple who’s alive.”

Marie-Françoise Guellec. “I’ve just re-joined the gym!”

“The first day, I was with an incredible energy. At the end of the day I went for a one hour walk, whereas I hadn’t been able to do this for two years.

On the second day, I already started to reduce my medication. I have the feeling that I regain some power as well as some control of my brain.

I am thankful to Michele for her listening, the energy that she passes on us, her clear and precise way of explaining this technique.”


And two months later:

“Hi Michèle,

Since the training, I can see, and every day the people around me confirm, that I’m getting better.

As for the pain, it’s most often just a background noise, sometimes like the other day, at the Puy du Fou, a day standing, walking, exhausted, but nonetheless I succeeded in having an enjoyable day.  Of course, the next day my body gave me a little reminder that I should rest, but I was happy to have done it.   I’ve done the LPs and regained my physical comfort.

Before the training, I wasn’t moving any more at all.   I realise that I’m now able to and that my discomfort is diminishing.   Some days, I don’t even notice it.  Recently, my feet were hurting and I was avoiding walking.   A few LP exercises and everything is back to normal.

Also, I’ve stopped taking medication that had a lot of side effects.   That’s real freedom!  As a result, I’m losing weight.

Michèle, I’d like to thank you for giving me hope again, with your listening and your way of showing us that it was possible.   I undertook this training with the hope to be able to take back control of my life and I haven’t been disappointed.

I’ve just re-joined the gym!  I used to do 6 hours per week, but now I follow my own rhythm.   I’m now longer anxious.   If the pain comes back, I do my exercises more intensely and things calm down.

The Lightning Process method is incredible, thanks a million.  I’ve even noticed that I’m more positive in how I talk, even if at the start it doesn’t necessarily seem so (it’s just incredible for me!).

Thanks Michèle, you have changed my life.  Hugs and kisses from me.”

C Ruiz. “I’m less tired than before and, especially, I have HOPE! “


I’d like to bear witness to my experience with the Lightning Process, even though it’s been less than a month since I did the seminar with Michèle. I’d like to share it with you, in order to give you hope, because I know there are many people in my situation.
I’ve been diagnosed as fibromyalgic with chronic fatigue for the last twenty years! A very disabling disease, considered until now by doctors to be “incurable”.
It was by chance that I discovered the LP while searching the Internet for anyone who could help me because I was desperate, on the verge of depression. Even though I am by nature optimistic, after a while one begins to lose hope…
Before the LP, I’d tried all sorts of treatments (anti-depressants, lyrica, cortisone, painkillers, acupuncture, faith healers, traditional healers, and so on). Nothing worked.
When I heard that there was a seminar on the LP in Paris, I did some prior research to understand what it involves. I read Michèle’s little book, which explains its principles, such as neuroplasticity (the ability neurons have to change or remodel themselves in response to our emotional, psychological and cognitive experiences) and it immediately made sense to me! With fibromyalgia, the brain is trained over a period of years to “create” sickness, pain and fatigue… Michèle taught us to deprogram all that in order to “create” comfort, well-being and health!
These techniques are also used for improving the abilities of people who have suffered a stroke.
Michèle is an excellent coach who was able to teach us the LP method with enthusiasm, empathy and patience.
From the first day of the seminar, I realized that this was THE method that I’d been seeking for so long. Michèle has given us the tools to improve, by the day, after that it is up to each of us to train ourselves, but she doesn’t just leave us to it! We have a regular follow-up with her, by mail, phone or Skype.
At this point in time, I’ve reduced my consumption of opiates for the pain, I’m less tired than before and, especially, I have HOPE! I can see that it works! And all that in just three weeks! I’ve bolstered my joie-de-vivre, because I have climbed out of the abyss and broken the vicious circle of illness. …. 

Georgia. “I am so happy, I feel calm and confident about the future.”

Georgia, 17 years old, had Chronic Fatigue when her mum made contact with me. She was not going to school on a regular basis and didn’t have much of a social life. Here is her testimony

Just after the LP : “I have so much energy now, I am so happy, I feel calm and confident about the future.”
4 weeks after the seminar: “Sorry Michèle not to have called you back. Everything has been crazy busy. Yea I’m dûing so great, CFS is still popping up at times but I’m using the LP to control it. I am catching up on life. I go full time at school now. I go to town and meet friends. I am totally healed now. It’s a new life!”

Jan Morrison. “The course lifted me out of that slump and put me back on track with my life”

“I did the Lightning Process course with Michele 5 months ago when I was struggling in a ‘slump’ period of my M.E.
The course lifted me out of that slump and put me back on track with my life, which was fantastic. Since then, I have been using daily prompts to remember to use the LP tools and manage my M.E. much better and I find that so helpful I wouldn’t be without it.”

Dina. “It is becoming easier and easier to create calm and serenity for myself”

“Hello, my name is Dina. I’m 38 and I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue. In June 2015, I did the Lightening Process training given by Michèle Chaudesaigues in Paris. I found it difficult to determine exactly what the LP involved before taking the decision to do the training. However, given everything I had read on the subject before the seminar, I figured that “this method can only do me good because it was designed with a very precise goal in mind: to bring well-being”

Now, having done the training, I would go even further : the LP is designed to teach people how to obtain well-being for and by themselves. It means learning to apply with determination a methodology in order to train your own brain to use its positive side (the right side). You know how you get into the habit of unconscious negative thought processes any time something happens that was unexpected or that you don’t like? Often your reaction is to get stuck in sad or angry reactions, or to generate fatigue or pain. Well, the LP is a precisely defined visualisation exercise which, as soon as you detect one of these negative emotions or reactions, allows you to stop it in its tracks and replace it with a positive counter-emotion.

And believe me that, during the training, there are no attempts to give false impressions and no-one is forced to do anything. Everything comes from the trainees themselves. You imagine for yourself what would allow you to “do” well-being (instead of sadness, for example). One of the big lessons of the seminar is that we are each responsible for the manner in which we unconsciously react. We can thus decide to take back the power over our lives and generate as much well-being as possible to in order to attain the life we want to live. In order to do this, several LP exercises are necessary each day (each LP only takes between 2 and 3 minutes). The LP is not just a positive visualization tool. It is an exercise that you learn to do autonomously for yourself, which is easy to integrate into your daily routine and which brings real results.

Regarding Michèle, the LP-certified French trainer, I recommend her one hundred percent. She is a very honest and professional person. She is really committed to teaching you how to put the LP into practice in your life and gives you lots of practical tips to help. She still actively supports me today whenever I have a question, despite the distance between us (she is based outside of France). She takes time for each trainee and always finds a way to help. She invests lots of energy and goodwill for each participant during the training to make sure that everyone leaves with a tool that he/she can use autonomously.

I have been using the LP for two months now. In that time, I have reduced nocturnal pains by around 70%. Over time, it is becoming easier and easier to create calm and serenity for myself, in situations which would have generated stress or anger before.”

Marie. “Incredible, such a result in so little time!”

“I have had fibromyalgia for 11 years. I refused any pharmaceutical treatment. I lived with my pains and a strong fatigue since often my sleep was short. How to sleep when the pains run from one point to the other in your body?

I stumbled upon the Lightning Process in a well-being newsletter. After contacting Michèle, full of enthusiasm, I couldn’t wait the seminar because I hoped so much for an improvement of my health.

The second day of the seminar, I woke up with comfort in my feet. It was a miracle. The day after, the comfort was reaching my harms. Incredible, such a result in so little time!

Since then, I feel comfort during the day and even during the night, which allows me to go to sleep quickly and get more energy for the day.

I practice the Lightning Process for allergies to pollen and the result is also formidable.

The LP is an amazing technique which can be used for an infinity of reasons when you don’t have the life you want.

I have found very interesting the group dynamic. What one lives resonates in someone else, which allow to work on many problems. Thus, I have found serenity and happiness.

If you are fed up with pain and your low mood, do as I did, commit yourself into the Lightning Process adventure, you won’t regret it because your life will change.

Michèle teaches us how to practice in a simple but rigorous way. She is very attentive and respectful of each of us.
Thanks Michèle for your car, your encouragements and the confidence you pass down.

Pascaline. “Thanks to you, I’ve just been reborn”

Pascaline has had fibromyalgia for 20 years, almost housebound, always very anxious and in great need of find back her confidence, attended the Lightning Process seminar. Two weeks later, she testifies.

“I’ve just completed a Lightning Process seminar with Michèle Chaudesaigues.

I don’t believe I’ve experienced such a sense of well-being for many years.

Michèle arrived at my place a Monday afternoon. She is awesome, cool, accessible, delightful…

This experience is an opportunity that you shouldn’t deny yourself… or not be aware of. She enabled us to put in place “ALERTS”, to be able to say to ourselves “STOP” and to LIVE AGAIN…

Our pain has diminished… our confidence is reborn… our anxieties have disappeared. Michèle understands us… guides us… she’s not there to do the work for us – NO!! We must undertake the LP ourselves whenever we need to. Doing so is simple, quick and you can do it wherever you are.

From the first day I felt a sense of completeness… an unexplainable joy!! I wanted to just laugh for no reason – ha ha!!! Even after returning from our jaunt to Argelès, where I strolled for hundreds of meters… ME… who was still in a wheelchair just a little while ago… and I stayed up alone in a state of wonder because I had such a sense of well-being, was so excited and full of joy that I couldn’t sleep – I just wanted to move about.

I had become a genius at creating well-being. Finally, finally, I could control my pain… my body… MY MIND…

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Michèle. You are wonderful. You do your work to perfection. You support us. You help us but especially you detect the slightest first sign of a fall into the abyss and voilà an exercise before one is even aware of it.
Thanks to you I’ve just been reborn… and THAT… that’s fantastic!

See you soon,

F. “I even go cycling with my husband. It’s incredible!”

Here is the testimony of F. who suffered from Fibromyalgia, joint pain, headaches and fatigue. Being depressed with dark thoughts, she turned to the Lightning process to get some help. Three months later, this is what she said:

“I am so happy now! I really am having less pain. I even go cycling with my husband. It’s incredible!

I thank you Michèle.

I do my exercises every day and every day I gain comfort, well being and physical relaxation. Thanks for your support!”

Emmanuel. “I am ready to go back now to study and work hard”

Because of two years of Chronic Fatigue, Emmanuel had put on hold his dreams of continuing his studies. One month after the seminar, here is what he has to say…

“I am ready to go back now to study and work hard. I know that I am going to build my new life which has never been so full of opportunities.”

And then, 3 months later:

“Resuming school is going very smoothly and at last as I want it -lol ! Days are intense but I sleep soundly at night. I use the LP and the visualisation when I need it ! It helps mainly when I need to concentrate during the classes ! ^_^
Again a big thank you for your precious help Michelle because you have been the root of my change of direction ! Sincerely thanks !”

Translate from French testimony.

Vanessa. “Doing LP was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life”

I remember Vanessa very well. She was so stuck in her life and wanted so much to get out of it… She was feeling like her bright future had been stolen from her and that she had nowhere to turn for help… Here is her testimony…

“I did the Lightning Process course following an extremely bad period of Post-Viral Fatigue. I’d suffered a bad virus and the combination of the virus and months of hard work had led me to me suffering from awful fatigue, joint pains, and just complete exhaustion. I would spend most of the day lying on my bed, and barely found the energy to sit up for meals. Some days were so bad that I would wake up feeling absolutely exhausted, and I’d struggle with even just a few minutes of work. The one time I went out for a 20 minute walk it took me two days to recover from the physical exhaustion I felt. I was absolutely miserable, and starting to feel desperate. I was incredibly stressed out because of the effect this was having on my personal and professional life. After 6 weeks of the Post-Viral Fatigue I contacted Michele.

Immediately her confidence in this area put me at ease, and I felt like for the first time there was hope. I did the Lightning Process course and was amazed at the progress I made within hours of starting. On the first day we did a one hour mountain trek, which I would never have been able to do just the day before, and I slept incredibly well that night. I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed for the first time in weeks, and my parents immediately noticed the difference. I was able to focus in conversation and have a productive and full day. On the second day I experienced a couple of moments of tiredness, however by applying the tools which I had learned the day before I was rapidly able to overcome it.

It’s been several weeks since then and I’ve been able to take 7 flights in just 11 days, work long hours and live independently, even moving into a new apartment! Doing LP was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life, and I don’t even know what I’d be doing right now if I hadn’t had this opportunity.

I was concerned that it would involve something strange, or something I felt uncomfortable with in regards to my personal values, but it was just straight forward, logically explained, science and retraining.

If you’re thinking of doing this training I urge you to stop asking questions, stop making excuses, just go do the course and see your problem get swiftly resolved. The Lightning Process will give you the tools to overcome your symptoms! If you truly want to get well you need to call Michele! “

E. “Three days of exceptional seminar and a new life ahead of me!!! “

“Hi Michèle,
I want to shout to the world what adventure I am living. I would have never thought that I could regain health and happiness after 30 years of Fibromyalgia.

Even my diabetes is running away. I have already started to reduce my medication!
Michèle, your compassion, your kindness and your mastery of the LP had allowed me to free myself and surpass myself.

Three days of exceptional seminar and a new life ahead of me!!! “

(Translation of a testimony in French).

Joanne. “I feel very fortunate to have worked with her!”

Joanne turned to me because nothing had worked and she didn’t know where to go for help. Her life was on hold due to MCS and CFS. She could no longer work, was socially isolated and experiencing a lack of confidence and hope. She then attended the Lightening Process training and her health has since been improving.

“Sessions in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Michèle left me feeling energized, focused and grounded. She is compassionate, insightful and supportive; an excellent practitioner. Michèle is genuinely passionate about helping people and is dedicated to her clients’ needs. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her! “

Françoise. “LP has brought a paradigm shift in my life”

Françoise, like her mum, sister and daughter had been suffering from Fibromyalgia since ever and, in the last 10 years, had seen a worsening in her symptoms. She came to me looking for a relief and she got much more than that…

“I have been struggling with symptoms of Fibromyalgia since ever. The symptoms were diffuse pain, extreme tension and brain fog, especially for the last few years. My daughter encouraged me to join her on a LP program on New Year’s Day. What a way to start the year!

Four weeks on I have more energy, I have been running twice for half an hour, I am starting a blog and I can handle circumstances without being overwhelmed. The painful stiffness and tension are halted as soon as I practice the exercises that I was taught.

LP has brought a paradigm shift in my life and given me a fantastic tool to unlock the potential that God has put in me.

Thank you Michelle for your availability, expertise, insight encouragement and enthusiasm. You and the LP made a huge difference. “

Tania. “I have observed as soon as the second day, that I could walk on a longer distance”

Tania had tried everything before coming to the LP…
“Michèle Chaudesaigues is a coach full of energy whose goal is to teach the Lightning Process which is method to train yourself to self healing. She is very aware that she deals with people, like me, have a major health problem (Fibromyalgia), who have tried numerous therapies and treatments and who reach a level of desperation, and she demonstrates a lot of compassion, care and pedagogy towards each participant.

With the support of slides, she clearly explains the nature of the LP and repeat with patience if necessary a point difficult to understand, never letting someone confused.

She teaches the process gestures with attention and rigor, making sure that each of us seizes it correctly. Personally, I have had at the beginning of the seminar, more difficulties than others to appropriate the method and to feel the positive changes I hoped for. Michèle never let me down and she brought me step by step to perceive the changes in my physiology.
After the seminar, we never feel alone since Michèle follows up regularly by phone in order to support psychologically the participants and to help them in their daily efforts to train themselves.

With her qualities of seriousness, rigor but also patience and compassion, the three day seminar becomes, for people suffering a lot physically or psychologically, a privileged moment where they slowly get the trust back, because they feel that the LP brings them a real relief. As for me, between other improvements, I have observed as soon as the second day, that I could walk on a longer distance and that I could, for the first time, subdue the pain.

I am very grateful to Michèle to have taught me the LP which gives me the power to modify and improve my health. “

(Translation of a testimony in French)