Other Symptoms

Maggie: “The Lightning Process has really changed my health and my life … There is nothing I cannot eat, including things like cheese and nuts, which had been eliminated more than a decade ago. “

Fantastic testimonial from Maggie who, because of persistent migraines for the last 30 years,  had ended up reducing her diet down to 12 different foods only:

“I had suffered from migraines for more than 3 decades, and for the past 20 years had been eliminating foods as I identified possible triggers. I also experienced increasing physical fatigue and brain fog. Some mornings I had trouble getting my head off the pillow, and the longer I slept, the more tired I was. I wasn’t depressed or anything, just really tired. I had identified foods that triggered these symptoms too. The problem was that over the years the list of possible triggers increased, but all the while my health decreased too.

Finally more than 5 years ago I consulted a dietitian. She put me on an elimination diet, initially for a month. But when I started testing foods, I could reintroduce nothing. And as the months and years passed the list of foods I could eat without symptoms appearing dwindled, until this year I could only eat about 12 items. Others felt sorry for me, but I really didn’t mind my restricted diet, so long as I could stay free of migraines and fatigue. I had to become very creative over the years – (cabbage cake, swede and pear muffins… ) then finally last year I began reacting to swedes, then pears (having just planted another 2 pear trees!).

My doctor had annual tests to check that I wasn’t low in anything. This year my B12 levels had plummeted (I reacted to any animal products, other than a limited amount of very fresh skim milk). The solution was difficult, as I also reacted to vitamin tablets. Even a small amount would put my brain out of circulation for at least 24 hours. So the doctor arranged for me to have regular B12 injections. I was fine for a few days, but on the third day after each injection I got hit either by a migraine or extreme fatigue. Fortunately by the time I’d had 3 injections my levels were up enough to not need one for another year.

Along with the food intolerance I had become increasingly intolerant to smells. Cleaning products, flowers, incense, and I’d be off to bed with a migraine, or unable to function properly… I ended up wearing nasal screens when I couldn’t avoid smells altogether.

I had resigned myself to living on just these 12 items for the rest of my life. It restricted my life in that the milk had to be really fresh or I couldn’t drink it, and I had to prepare everything I ate, so no holidays from cooking. On the rare occasions that I went away from home, I’d have to take a suitcase full of “safe” food, and usually had to prepare it all the day before I traveled. I wasn’t looking forward to a trip I was to make later this year, as it would mean being away for 12 days (and 12 days of food makes for a very heavy suitcase). However that fact lead me to the Lightning Process.

During a visit from a friend who also suffered from food intolerance, I asked how she managed while travelling. Much to my surprise, she told me that she could now eat normally. She had done something earlier this year called the Lightning Process. I listened with interest, but was thinking that I was so sensitive that it wouldn’t work for me. After she left I shot up to the computer and googled. The more I read, the more excited I became. Perhaps it would work for me. Within days I had borrowed the Introduction book from her and read it from cover to cover. I also watched some Youtube clips on the Process.

A week later I had managed to secure a place on a training programme with Michèle. By this time I was starting to practice some of the things I’d read or viewed, and found that my scent intolerance wasn’t so bad. This gave me hope. I flew up to Auckland the following week. On the plane, when the air hostess passed the cookies I didn’t refuse, as I had in the past, but stowed them away in my bag, hoping…

The programme began the following day, Sunday. There were several of us there, all with different problems. As I ate my usual plain muffins, pita bread and chickpeas for lunch, I hoped that this wouldn’t be for much longer. Michèle taught us the beginning of the Process on that first day. When I went home, I decided to try those cookies from the plane. The symptoms arrived on cue, but I carefully did my LP exercises, and all was well. The next day Michèle taught us more of the Process, and that night I safely ate an apple (for the first time in 5 years). My excitement was growing. On the final day I splashed out and had cornflakes for breakfast  – that day Michèle taught us the whole Process. The following day I flew home, and at the airport had a chocolate milkshake. (Little did the other travelers know what a monumental moment that was.)

Once home I went from strength to strength, and within a few days had safely reintroduced all foods. I eliminated my midday rest, replacing it with a brisk walk. What a turnaround!

The Lightning Process has really changed my health and my life. I now get up at 5:30am and go to bed about 10:30pm. I can exercise regularly, do heavy manual work, and study until late at night. There is nothing I cannot eat, including things like cheese and nuts, which had been eliminated more than a decade ago. I couldn’t be more grateful for what LP has given me. It has given me back my health. Thank you so much Michèle!

Christine P. “I’m in a state of completeness. In just a few phrases, it’s all gone.”

“Hi all,

I’d like to share my experience of the Lightning Process with you but, before I start, here is its definition:

“The Lightning Process is a self-healing technique based on neuroplasticity.   It enables the identification of all the factors influencing our health and, via a mental exercise of about one minute, it enables us to take back control of those factors and of our health”.

And now we can turn to my story:

It’s Monday 28 November and I’m waiting for Michèle.  I’m in a state of high anxiety with a million questions running through my mind:  Is she going to make my head spin 360 degrees?  Who is she?  What’s she going to do to me?  Basically, you get the picture that I’m all over the place.  And here we are, she arrives.   What a surprise, I find myself face to face with a woman no taller than myself, with 2 arms, 2 legs, a beautiful smile and a fierce desire to help.

No time to lose.  I launch into my first session.   First I listen, then I watch what Michèle is doing and then I feel unable to do it myself.   The anxiety returns.  Michèle suggests that I do an LP (abbreviation for Lightning Process) exercise to achieve internal calm.  OK, I give it a go!  I push aside all the doubt, anxiety and bad feelings that I’m capable of creating and go for it.   And it is then, at the end of the exercise, that I understand that I can do it and that I will do it.   I’m in a state of completeness.   In just a few phrases, it’s all gone.   I know that my anxiety is somewhere nearby but it’s leaving me in peace.

During the next two days, no negative questions, rather a mad desire to push ahead.  I did all my LP exercises, supervised by Michèle.  Results:  I can put on my shoes without having to lean against the wall, I’m stable rather than always losing balance, I catch myself skipping doing little dance steps in the kitchen, it’s a transformation.

It’s important not to go too fast however, I’m speaking from experience, forcing the pace is never a good idea but fortunately I am able to do the LP exercises and everything gets back on track.

Michèle doesn’t turn us loose after the 3 days, she is there, all along our journey.   One last little thing: the more positive you are, the easier and quicker the improvements come.

So there’s my story.   It’s not a fairy tale but a reality that each of you can experience.”

Christine P.

Nicole. “I have been able to regain peace and confidence.”

“I have always been an anxious person lacking in self-confidence, so I was very lucky to meet Michèle, who introduced me to the Lightning Process.

I have had immediate results and I have experienced a really big change.

Then some problems arose and darkened my day-to-day existence but thanks to Michèle’s regular follow ups, I have been able to regain peace and confidence in my life. It’s simply great!

Feeling better in one’s skin, it’s priceless and I am glad to be able to use the LP daily.

Thanks Michèle!”

Joseph. “I have experienced the biggest improvements in my energy levels and my hope”

“Those last days, I have experienced the biggest improvements in my energy levels and hope and I am now confident that I can flourish.

Michèle is a wonderful practitioner, amiable and agreeable and I recommend her to everyone.

Thanks Michèle.”

Elémé. “I am calmer, happier, with more energy and comfort in my body.”

“Thank you Michèle for your commitment in the Lightning Process training. I have felt supported and I really appreciate your kindness, your humour and the seriousness you apply in teaching the process.

Today, I have 70 % of the life I wanted, I am calmer, happier, with more energy and comfort in my body.

I recommend you without hesitation.”

Wendy. “It’s so good to know that your willing support is there should I need it.”

“Dear Michele,
I would like to thank you for the last three days doing the Lightning Process.

I found it to be extremely well run and that your caring and enthusiastic approach just met my needs completely. I now feel pretty well equipped to go forward with the process and in my time to accomplish my goals of a comfortable and fully functioning body, more energy (well on the way with that one) and detachment from uncomfortable circumstances that life throws from time to time.

I look forward to our updates, it’s so good to know that your willing support is there should I need it.

The cookies were pretty good too.

Yours, Wendy.”

Andrew. “Overall a great experience.”

“Overall a great experience and I have learnt a solid tool to fulfil my life.

I have suffered an extreme fatigue, which was the main reason to attend the seminar. I suffer also from anxiety.  These two problems have already improved significantly, even after day one.

Michèle is a great coach and she has an expert knowledge of the Lightning Process. I greatly appreciate the offer of free follow ups as well.”

Vanessa Leprince. “These three half-days were filled with emotion and Michele is a very generous person.”

Testimonials Lightning Process Pain“The Lightning Process is a new tool to me which opened my eyes about my inner behaviour that doesn’t suit me anymore. It gives me back my self-confidence and my ability to be well.

These three half-days were filled with emotion and Michele is a very generous person.

A big THANK-YOU!!!”

Sarah. “I owe you and this technique to be alive and to love life.”

“Hi Michèle,

It has been 18 months since you came to my place to help me.

I was so happy right after the seminar when I started to get better.
But today, I am a completely different person. Now I walk, I dance again, I play with my kids. I have a new job and I am even healthier than before I had the fibromyalgia.

Yes, it has been a long path. There was ups and downs. Moments of hyper excitation and moments of big doubts. But you have been there at each steps, like you promised and today, I owe you and this technique to be alive and to love life.

Thank you for coming back to France for us!”.


Nicole. “I’ve met a wonderful person and put my trust in her, I thank her, I’m starting a new life.”

Fibromyalgie ruban bleu“It’s now been four weeks since I did the training with Michèle.

At first, a little anxiety, a little apprehension, but then with the help of Michèle, bit by bit I came to understand that things could go better for me and I can now say today that things are going better for me, but I’m not dropping my guard.

Michèle provided me with the “tools” and I have now created my own excellent “toolbox”.

My life has changed, I’ve gained in confidence and I am stronger.

For me, Michèle is a magician, but her magic wand is her gaze, her smile and her kindness.

The training has provided me with a great deal of peace and wellbeing.   If I may say, life is too short, so take control, because it’s worth it.   You have the chance to choose happiness so go for it.

I’ve met a wonderful person and put my trust in her, I thank her, I’m starting a new life.

Take care of yourself.

In friendship, Nicole.”

No more wet nights

R. was 10 years old and was still wetting her bed. One session of NLP and this is what her mum reports two weeks after the session: “Hi Michèle, R. loved you! No further wet nights!! 👍🏻 She’s told me she is never going to be wet again. She does her exercise every night before turning off her light. “

 Staci. “After 7 attempts, I finally did the Auckland semi-marathon!”

Testimony of Staci who had suffered from Ulnar nerve entrapment and developed chronic pain in both arms with a reduced function in the right arm.

Ulnar nerve entrapment
Ulnar nerve entrapment

“Hi Michele,

Just wanted to give you an update on how things are going for me.

Yesterday I completed the Auckland Half Marathon.  I don’t think I would have been able to do it had I not done the LP course with you 11 weeks ago.   The event went very smoothly and although it was a challenge, I was consistent and strong throughout.

Previously when I have done this event (this was my 7th time) I have struggled at the 16km point, stopped running and dragged myself over the finish line feeling disappointed.  This year in the weeks leading up to yesterday I practiced my LPs and ran the event through in my head over and over practicing reaching the 16km mark but feeling strong and energized and then crossing the finish line and all the positive emotions associated with that achievement.  It made a huge difference on the day, when I reached the 16km point I did not crumble.  I was strong and had a surge of energy and ended up running all the way to the end and crossing the finish line feeling positive and proud.

So much has changed in the 11 weeks.  I am fit and healthy, full of energy and motivation. I have not only got my life back, but things are better than before.”

Sophie. “In the last few days the blotches have dried out, they’ve stopped itching and have almost entirely disappeared.”

“I decided to try out LP because of a recurring, albeit relatively minor, psoriasis on my legs.

I’ve had very minor psoriasis on my elbow since childhood, but then these blotches appeared on my legs at the time of my divorce 13 years ago. Obviously due to the stress.

They presented as several pink blotches on both legs, which prevented me from showing my legs or required me to remove the blemishes with corticoid-based ointments.


I’ve been aware for a long time of the relationship between body and mind and was interested to see what LP offered.

I understand that the technique allows one to deactivate feedback circuits which have been put in place to respond to a problem but which are no longer relevant.

The brain is still in the same mode although the problem has passed and has been resolved, so the circuit reactivates when confronted with similar events.

At first I practiced LP intensively and the blotches seemed to diminish their activity (less redness, less itchiness) but then I reduced the frequency and the blotches started up again. However, I continued, focusing on the feeling of having legs as smooth as a baby’s or young girl’s, with skin soft and healthy.

Sometimes I really feel it and I sense at those moments that connections are being recast. As a result, in the last few days the blotches have dried out, they’ve stopped itching and have almost entirely disappeared. I’m going to keep feeding these ideas to my brain and consolidate these results.

I recommend Michèle as a high quality professional and an exceptional coach.”

I have significantly reduced the pain and the anxiety! – Kristen Calder

“I have significantly reduced the pain and the anxiety. I have really started to be calmer and having more energy to take care of my family.

I was amazed that at the end of the first day, my headache had gone so quickly and I was able to walk around the block instead of sleeping when I got home.
Thank you Michèle. You are wonderful and you made me feel so welcome. I really can’t thank you enough !”

Sonia B. “From the first day of training, I felt positive changes, including increased self-confidence, optimism and a sense of calm.”

“I’ve been practicing the Lightning Process for the last two months.

What a comfort and relief to have discovered the Lightning Process, which was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve been practicing it for two months now and the positive changes are indisputable. Even though I’m coming from a long way behind, with 15 years of depression, a profound sense of malaise, fear of everything and serious hypochondria making my day-to-day life really difficult. For 10 years I’ve consulted psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists, all without success.

From the first day of training, I felt positive changes, including increased self-confidence, optimism and a sense of calm.
I’ve realized that my mind is capable of “creating all that misery”. I believe in this technique of self-healing and am completely convinced that our brain is a powerful organ that we can influence and program to follow the path that we wish to take.

You are in control of your own future.

Don’t hesitate to try this experience in a completely safe environment where you can take back control of your life. My life is in the process of changing into a happy life.

That’s thanks to myself but also very much thanks to Michèle who has walked alongside me.
I have to sincerely thank Michèle. She’s an excellent Lightning Process trainer, attentive, available, encouraging, passionate and devoted. She has a comprehensive command of the Lightning Process and uses her experience to guide us.
Thank you, Michèle, for helping me have a better life.”

Sonia B.

Bad food allergies – Panic attacks – Deep anxiety

Armelle, a french lady, lived in China when she heard about the Lightning Process. Four weeks after the Lightning Process, here is what she says:

“After Many years of struggles with my health, like really having strong food allergies, a past of panic attacks, and a constant state of anxiety inside me … I decided to search on a method to help me with all of that and I discovered the Lightning process technique with Michele, and I have to say that I became blown away almost right away by the results immediate on my stress level and my anxiety, starting during the 3 days of the training and later on. I am back to practicing more activities outside like hiking…, I am doing Yoga again, which I had to stop because of my not so strong health. For my allergic symptoms I feel like they haven’t got worst since the LP, and may have reduced their frequency a little bit, it’s a process for sure. I had started a therapy for myself in the past and I feel like the LP gives me a really efficient tool to help me on taking care of myself truly, and building some confidence by doing those real exercises every day or when I need it. LP is an amazing tool to conclude. Thanks to Michele and her good advice in order to make me go further in my quest of happiness and well-being.”

Parkinson’s disease. One year after the Lightning Process

Maurice sends us his testimony one year after attending the LP. Bravo Maurice! I am proud of your hard work and fantastic results!

« My name is Maurice, I’m 71 and a retired physiotherapist. During my professional life, I treated numerous patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Having myself contracted that disease since my retirement, I’ve had the good fortune to encounter Michèle, an excellent therapist and outstanding coach who’s introduced me to the Lightning Process (LP).

I admit to having been surprised at the start of the seminar by this approach, similar to the NLP that I used to practice with my patients.

The possibility of acting on the brain to find an effective therapy for our dysfunctions, via this technique of using brain plasticity, immediately won me over.

Putting it into practice was rapid and the results immediate.

My hand stopped trembling and I could walk quickly and for long periods without side effects.

Unfortunately, cardiac and respiratory complications dampened that enthusiasm but, thanks to regular telephone contact with Michèle, I was able to improve my symptoms and regain peace and confidence.

Practicing the Lightning Process requires continuous self-confidence in order to have the strength to act on our neural connections.

It’s really important to repeat the exercises several times a day in order to have that positive influence on the brain.
I had moments of discouragement when situations linked to Parkinson’s disease seemed insurmountable, but my coach Michèle was always there and immediately adjusted my therapy.

My cardiologist was very surprised by the change to my cardiac rhythm, which eliminated the need to fit a Pacemaker: effectively, thanks to LP, in moments of crisis I was able to rapidly return to normal, my moments of faintness being shorter and passing more quickly.

Thanks to the Lightning Process and also to wearing surgical stockings, I haven’t had a crisis for several weeks now.
Many thanks, Michèle”

Anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence

“Currently studying second year pharmacology, since my high school years I’ve been a past master at anxiety and lack of self-confidence. At the age of 20, I was anxious and stressed by so many things (exams, upcoming events, public speaking…) and endlessly self-critical, both of my scholar abilities as well as my physical appearance and personality.

Thanks to the Lightning Process, to Michèle and her “joie de vivre” (a true ray of sunshine providing energy and a positive mood with just a phone or Skype call), and to her skilled and professional follow up, I don’t get anxious anymore. The knots in my stomach and the shaking voice are gone. I approach exams and speeches without stress and that has changed my life. Thanks to Michèle and to the application of the principles of the Lightning Process, I have learnt to trust myself and to be a strong young woman who enjoys her life.

Currently we are working on how I feel about my physical appearance and for the first time in I can’t remember how long, I’m starting to appreciate my body and its shape, I have a new perspective on myself, I feel good and things are going well for me.
I would never have been able to reach this point alone, Michèle, I’ll never be able to thank you enough !!


Nervous tics

A great success for this young man who is overcoming massive tics. Here is his testimony:

182cad03b35ac416cd0ea5426115b5f9“Hi, my name is Victor L., I’m 19 years old and I’ve suffered from nervous tics for almost 12 years. I’d tried everything and nothing had worked. But then I encountered Michèle Chaudesaigues, an awesome woman, amicable and devoted to her clients.

Michèle taught me the Lightning Process (LP) and thanks to that simple, effective technique, the number of nervous tics that I experience is diminishing day by day.

My thanks to Michèle for all that she has done and continues to do and I heartily recommend her and the Lightning Process.”

Fear of stairs

Annie came to me because she couldn’t walk up or down stairs without an harm to cling on. We did one session with the technique called Phobia Cure and here is what she says…

Photo_Annie_Tophile“I am coming back from Berlin and I wanted to write to you. There, I have had opportunities to experience walking up and down stairs (numerous metro and churches)… SUPER!! That is the end of the ramps or my husband’s harm !

Thanks a lot Michèle for your kindness, your professionalism and your experience !”

Translation from French testimony.

Food allergies and food intolerances

Maïlys had been allergic to some food since she was 3 months old. She came to me “just” to give it a try….

“My name is Maïlys and I can testify that I have been cured of my allergies thanks to Michèle.

I came to know her because I was told that she could put an end to my allergies. I knew that LP did exist, but I didn’t know that it could cure such things, rather I was persuaded that it could never be cured by any means. You see, I was allergic to dairy products, fish and mustard since I was 3 months old (we believe it started because of vaccines), and my mom tried to help me with this with a lot of cures, each having cured persons in the same case as mine, but none ever worked and so I started to consider myself as a desperate case as time passed. I was willing to test LP with Michele because she assured me it worked for my case, and having nothing to lose, I thought “Why not to give it a try?”

Michele taught me the Lightning Process to get rid of my allergy of dairy product, as it was really the most handicapping allergy, mainly when you go to someone else’s home and they realize too late that you can’t eat the meal they cooked as they put butter in it, like always.

But I still didn’t believed it would work. Being allergic my whole life, having my grand-mother in the same case, I thought it was some genetic disease, and that my mind couldn’t really put an end to this, no way. Michele was persuaded that her technique was effective, well I was persuaded that, as nice as she was, she was wrong for my case.
Well, we did the technique, and as soon as it was finished she told me that, to prove myself I wasn’t allergic anymore, I had to drink a whole cup of milk. It was kind of the most shocking thing that I was ever asked to do, I have avoid milk in particular for 20 years, and now…!… It was okay. I didn’t react, nothing happened, the ground didn’t collapse. Nothing.
But I was still on my guards, since I had a tendency to react a few days later if not at the very moment. And still, nothing happened. I was impressed, so I worked on myself, concentrating to visualize how milk wasn’t harmful to me each time I ate a dairy product, as she taught me.

At the start, it didn’t always work perfectly, like when I ate butter chicken, but this was an extreme test for the newbie to dairy products that I was.

After some time where I practiced the technique at home everyday, I was finally able to eat all types of dairy products although I never acquired the taste for most of them.

So I consider my case as a very good example of how good LP works, as I was really not convinced it would. But Michele was really nice to me, patient, and payed attention to how and if I reacted when testing new food. When I had troubles, she was always here, helping me with my visualization without spoiling it with images that wouldn’t correspond to me, but instead she searched for what worked in my special case. I have been treated like a unique person, someone special for who it was important that she could do what she wanted with her life. And I will always be grateful for this, because I did the Lightening Process and it helped me with a lot with other things.

Michèle’s special ingredient, I would say, is to treat people not as disease cases, but as people, with a problem who needs to be take care of. And this really makes the difference.”

Cardiopathy, digestive problems and depression

“My name is France, I am 72 years old. I have had a happy life with my family and professionally as a chiropractor. I was a good listener of my patients and of their problems, often the cause of their sufferings.

Four years ago, I went through a hard time of family discord which resulted in me not being able to see my mother anymore.
This psychological aggression resulted for me in an intense physiological chaos: cardiac, digestive and a depressive state leading to abandon all my activities -sportive and social.

I have had the chance to know an excellent psychologist who helped me a lot and the meeting with Michèle and the Lightning Process has been decisive.

Her pedagogy and her total involvement during the seminar have been for me a revelation and the results extraordinary.
Her kindness, he listening skills and her professionalism have allowed me to get back my confidence and to feel again serenity and balance.

The systematic use of the Lightning Process and the phone calls of follow up with Michèle are the guarantee of the success.
Thanks Michèle, Thanks the Lightning Process. You gave me back my “joie de vivre”!”

Translated from French testimony.

Parkinson’s disease

Maurice had Parkinson’s disease and heard about the Lightning Process (LP) through a friend. After some discussion he decided to take the LP seminar although he wasn’t expecting too much change, he and his doctors were amazed at the degree of improvement he had achieved…

“My name is Maurice, I am a retired chiropractor and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The tremors on my right hand were becoming more and more pronounced and my daily life was greatly affected.

After a while the medical treatment was becoming less and less effective, but then I heard the Lightning Process through my sister.

Testimonial Lightning ProcessI took the 3 day course since then I have been so excited:the tremors in my hand and arm have greatly improved. I control totally the tremor in my arm and in my hand the tremors are very small, I can walk again on uneven or hilly ground and above all, I went for my regular visit to the cardiologist and after monitoring my heart with a halter, the results show a drastic decrease in the extrasystoles (a few months ago, we were considering implanting a device). I practice the Lightning Process regularly, even when walking when I need to!!!

I hope my testimony will help you to make your choice of life: go on in disarray or live the happy life that you deserve.”
Translation from Maurice’s French testimony

Multiple Sclerosis

Noa is a doctor. He suffers from MS. Here is his testimony at the end of the third day of the Lightning Process
“As soon as the third day, I observed I succeeded in controlling and reducing some symptoms such as the restless legs syndrome. I know now that the process works really well because I did it and saw it with my own eyes. I know as well that I can use the Lightning Process for everything in my life…”

Testimonial Lighting Process – Sadness, Confusion and Pain

“T.O.” came to me with pain in her back and confusion in her life and what seemed an impossible-to-maintain positive state of mind.

“I have known Michele for two years and she is an absolutely brilliant Lightning Process practitioner! In just one short hour, Michele took me from a place of being hopeless, confused, and in pain to feeling empowered, hopeful and completely pain-free.
I can’t believe the transition!

Michele is kind, caring, compassionate and extremely skilled. She helps me get to where I want to be in my life. I am so grateful for her and her amazing gift. I recommend Michele to anyone who wants to live a life they love!!”

Panic attacks and Claustrophobia

“When I booked with Michèle for panic attacks and claustrophobia, I didn’t really know what to expect. I have found with Michèle a dynamic women, full of enthusiasm and candor. She believes in NLP and she executes her techniques with brio. She brought me peace and freedom. – Lucette”

(Translation of a testimony in French).

Bad spelling and memorisation problems

Mathieu, 8 years old, couldn’t memorised his dictation and got bad marks in spelling. After one session, the results were fantastic…

“Hi Michèle,
I wanted to thank you for helping me. I went from 8 out of 20 in dictation to 15 out of 20 and I memorise anything I want now with your technique.

(Translation from a testimony in French)

Evan couldn’t pronounce the letter “L”

Maria, Evan’s mum…
“Evan, aged 7, had always had difficulty pronouncing certain words, particularly those containing the letter “L”.

Even after a series of speech therapy sessions, the problem continued and in fact was affecting his reading development at school.

We met Michèle by chance and her cheerful and energetic personality charmed Evan. For her part, Michèle quickly identified that Evan had a speech problem.

Her expertise and excellent listening skills, coupled with her high level of empathy, gave us confidence so we asked her to help us correct Evan’s pronunciation problem.

To ensure transparency and openness, Michèle first took the time to explain clearly and simply to us the models, methods and techniques that she uses.

We then entrusted Evan to her for several sessions. From the first consultation, we observed a noticeable improvement and Evan’s pronunciation problem has now been completely eliminated.

We have kept in contact with Michèle and we strongly recommend her to our circle of friends and acquaintances. “
(Translation of a testimony in French)

Lack of confidence

Ruben, 8 years old, lacked confidence, concentration. He didn’t think he deserved to receive presents. We have been able to work together only twice but this is what his mum has to say…

“Ruben has really appreciated our visit. He even has done his exercises during the weekend. It was not expected! I feel he is regaining his confidence.

I am stunned by the rapidity of the changes. He is definitively more comfortable expressing his feelings.”
(Translation of a testimony in French).

Emotionally lost and sad, and lack of sense to my life

Roseline came to me because she felt lost in her life. She didn’t see where she was going. She had lost happiness too and felt drowning…

Extracts from Roseline’s testimony (click here to see the full testimony in French)

“I had arrived at a turn in my life where nothing was important for me and I was suffocating : the kids, my husband, my house, my work and even sometimes friends who were starting to be annoyed with this negative girl.

Then Michèle and her techniques came into my life. I didn’t know anything about NLP and I must confess, at first, I was a little bit worried about how it was going to happen. I was afraid to have to pour forth my soul and my past. Michèle reassured me immediately. NLP is not like a psychotherapy. It’s softer…

…I can’t find another word to qualify it than “magic”. Nothing is traumatic. Components simply unravel and afterwards we ask ourselves why we didn’t do this before. The well-being felt after the session is impressive. I had the impression to have found myself again, as if a long-time lost piece of me was back into its place…

…Finally I was breathing again!…

…Michèle has always been here to answer my questions, to address my worries, either by phone or internet. I have never felt alone faced with this big clean up happening inside me, Michèle has always been present and supported me, reassured me, at each step : at that time, hundreds of kilometers were keeping us apart…

…Michèle is an excellent therapist, she has been able, thanks to her competence, her patience and her listening skills to help me reveal myself to myself. The NLP techniques and results are amazing. I feel freed from a huge weight and at the same time, I have made major progress in my relationships.

At last, I take back my life in such a positive way that sometimes I am still astonished. In one word, I am HAPPY, and this, I owe it to Michèle. “

(Translate from a testimony in French)

Chocolate cravings?… Gone!

This nice lady that we will call I.L. had trouble resisting chocolate… and the chocolate bars never lasted long. With NLP, I have been able to help her in one session!

“Hi Michèle, a quick hello to give you some news. I still don’t crave chocolate. I am happy to report that from this perspective, after indulging myself once I am good and don’t think about it too much. I don’t have incontrollable cravings anymore! Thanks.”